Of all the things to do in your holidays at Kos, this 3 island cruise is a must-not-miss event! Odyssey boat,  will take you to a unique short cruise at the nearby islands of Kalymnos, Plati and Pserimos.


Departure is at 10:00 in the morning from the main harbour of Kos. That is when the boat heads to the first out of three islands you will visit. Each stop lasts for about an hour, plenty of time to see and enjoy these beautiful, little places! There is also a full lunch offered on the boat free of charge as well as a bar supplied with drinks and snacks for you to buy. Finally, the boat returns to Kos at 17:00 to leave you full of memories of a happy, relaxing day at sea!

3 island cruise Odyssey


Your first stop is Vathi, a beautiful village on the island Kalymnos. The boat enters a magnificent natural fjord and as the valley of Vathi is slowly revealed, you have the chance to take pictures of the surrounding gulfs and caves. You will have 1 hour to explore, you can walk the peaceful streets of Vathi, try local sweets and the famous homemade orange juices, and watch the history of the island unfold before your eyes.

3 island cruise , Kalymnos
Kalymnos Vathi Odyssey

Kalymnos, ofcourse, is world wide famous for its sponge industry. So while in Vathi you will have the chance to visit the sponge factory where you can learn how the sponges are collected by local divers, and see how they are processed in order to get their final form.

When you return to the boat, a buffet lunch will be ready for you. The normal menu is pork or chicken Souvlaki, salad, tzatziki and bread. There is also a vegetarian option with beans and dolmades instead of meat.


Located between Kos and Kalymnos this island is our next destination. The boat anchors close to the land and once the engines stop, you can jump in and swim around the boat. The sea is unbelievably clear, meaning you can easily notice the sandy bottom through the blue and turquoise waters. Meanwhile, on the boat, happy hour will start and the barman will serve refreshing cocktails at low prices.

kos cruises odyssey


The last stop is Pserimos, which is inhabited by only 15 families during the winter and gets busier in the summer. You will have 1 hour here to explore. Swim on the shallow, sandy beach, discover hidden paths or just relax at a local cafeteria or taverna. Finally, the boat will return to Kos at about 5:15 PM and you will leave with unforgettable memories of your beautiful cruise.

Kos Pserimos Odyssey


dolphins cruise odyssey

The Aegean is sea of wonders! Due to its mild temperature and its unique waters it is the residence of a lot of kind of sea creatures.

That is why after lunch, the boat pays a visit to the fish farms nearby. The smell of the fish attracts wild dolphins and most of the time you will see them jumping out of the water!

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